Ed and Susan Hancock, Proprietors, Lavender Vista

Ed and Susan Hancock, Proprietors, Lavender Vista


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As featured on WZZM-TV’s "My West Michigan" 

Hello from Ed and Susan Hancock, proprietors of Lavender Vista in Greenville, Michigan.

We fell in love with lavender because of its beauty and versatility. Did you know that in the Dark Ages monks and nuns cultivated lavender under an edict of the Holy Roman Empire? And that England's Henry VIII expanded lavender to domestic gardens, enabling a renaissance of use in a variety of products? Or that Queen Elizabeth was also a big fan of lavender, using it in tea to treat migraines, and as a perfume?

Our ranch's history is a bit more contemporary. Cattle once wandered the pastures where our lavender now grows. The soil in these pastures was poor for grazing, but is perfect for lovely fields of lavender! While the cattle are now gone, we still have livestock on some of our remaining grazing pastures.

Our passion is making the lavender landscape a wondrous place to behold during peak season. We love working the fields and harvesting our more than 4,000 lavender plants of many different varieties. We welcome photographers and their clients to our farm by appointment, as our gentle sloping lavender makes for a glorious and creative backdrop to special occasions.

We also continuously plant special varieties for local florists and floral designers, making their clients’ needs for a special day truly memorable.

You may also see Lavender Vista Culinary Lavender Buds in finer restaurants in the Greater Grand Rapids area, because the lavender herb makes for a unique flavor in specialty dishes and drinks. You can also purchase our culinary buds in specialty stores to create your own wonderful dishes — just check out our Partners page for where to purchase and enjoy. .

We hope you enjoyed learning more about Lavender Vista; please ask for and purchase our products at local partners and restaurants.


Ed and Susan Hancock